No, a good pair of athletic or turf shoes are suitable for the playing surface.

We currently only have pickup times available for soccer. All other sports are TBD.

Soccer Pickup is Tues/Fri 12:00pm- 2:00pm @ Swift Sportsdome-South Meadows.

Yes, there is a $5 charge for each participant for any pickup sport.

No, we don’t allow free play on basketball courts/fields. We ask that you call ahead for a rental time. 

To rent out any space including fields, courts, party rooms, or specific areas please call (775)-328-1301.

 Please refer to our website or Day Smart Recreation (DASH), where you will find the most up-to-date information on league start dates and registration deadlines.

Leagues costs are split between team fees or individual fees depending on the program. All pricing is offered on specific league pages our website or your DaySmart (DASH) account.

We do offer individual registration for some of our sports where we will place you on a team at the end of the registration.

For all sports that don’t have individual registration, we do have free agent lists available.

If you have any further questions email: info@renodome.com

Comfortable indoor shoes, shin guards with socks to cover completely, and NO CLEATS!!

Shorts without pockets, flat bottom shoes, and a mouth guard.

Comfortable shorts and a T-ball mitt! All other equipment will be provided by the Swift Sportsdome.

Soccer and flag football will be split between our two facilities, t-ball, kickball, softball, and all court sports will only be held at Swift Sportsdome- South Meadows

All parents must watch over all children under the age of 16 years old.

Youth league fees include youth jerseys, a full season of games, weekly practice, and access to Swift Sportsdome amenities.

After the registration deadline has ended, welcome emails will be sent to participants with details on team placement, coaches, etc.

The Swift Sportsdome has the capacity to handle just about any size party or event. Please feel free to call (775)-328-1301 to discuss any party inquiries.

Player card, and discounts on sponsorships.

NO outside food or beverages are allowed at the Swift Sportsdome, unless for medical purposes. We absolutely allow water bottles into the facility to be used and refilled at our fountains.

Yes, we offer large selections of beers on tap, cocktails, wine, and seltzers.

No, for recreational leagues anyone is allowed to come to watch and support their friends & family at the Swift Sportsdome!

Tournaments- TBD

Yes, we collect all leftover items at the end of the night.

We encourage you to contact us ASAP if you’ve lost something as we do donate our lost found on a weekly basis. Please ask a staff member for assistance.